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Quality System 

Fujian Longxi Bearing Corporation Limited has organized senior managing personnel to study and implement the ISO9000 standard since 1991, and drew up the first draft of Quality Manual.

In 1994, Fujian Certification and Verification Center was invited to hold counsel with the quality system in our company, then, our company re-compiled the Quality Manual and Quality System Procedure, and performed earnestly in the process of production and management. After self-corrective actions on internal quality audit and management review, the quality system has been getting improved and perfect, and has past on-the-spot audit by China Certification Committee for Quality Mark in August 1995. The company’s quality system obtained the ISO9000 Certificate of Conformity of Quality System Certification in December 1995, and past the on-the-spot audit again in December 1998 when the certificate became due. At the same time, we obtained the certificate again.

It has been 6 years since we obtained Certificate of Conformity of Quality System Certification in 1995. During these years, we have carried out the daily inspection system organized by quality management department besides annual supervised audit by China Certification Committee for Quality Mark and monthly internal quality audits and management review by ourselves. We solved the problems in time when we found them to ensure the products’ quality.

Nowadays, the staff can carry out quality actions earnestly according to the requirements of Quality Manual and Procedure so that we can perform effective quality control in the production chain. Therefore, the quality of our products is highly appreciated by our customers in Europe and America.

In order to get the further improvement on operational level of quality system, we’re preparing positively to re-compile the Quality Manual and Procedure according to the requirements of ISO9000-2000.

We feel it’s necessary to implement the ISO9000; it’s a major step to join the international practice. Therefore, we’ll further improve our management level and get a deeper understanding with the connotation of ISO9000-2000 on the existing basis in our company.