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Testing Equipment
Our testing instruments and equipment are from Europe and Japan, including Direct-reading Spectrometer, Metalloscope, 3D Coordinates, Contourgraph, Hardness Tester, Roughness Tester, Horizontal Length Measuring Instrument, Roundness Measuring Instrument, Bearing Vibration Measuring Instrument, Measuring Instrument for Bearing Radial Internal Clearance, Measuring Instrument for Bearing Axial Internal Clearance, Magnetic Field Measuring Instrument and so on. Our first class testing instruments and equipment and advanced testing data processing and analysis system provide reliable test analysis and technical data in researching and developing. The only Research Institute of Spherical plain bearings in China was established in 1986, undertaking the task of editing the technical standard of spherical plain bearings in China, testing spherical plain bearings, making comparison test of fatigue life and comparison test of properties of friction and abrasion.